Belly dance is a name given for a traditional Middle Eastern dance or Arabic dance. “Danse du ventre” is a French word which was translated to Belly Dance, which was applied to the dance for the Vicorian period. In Arab dance every part of the body is involved and the most featured part of the body usually being the hips. Depending on the origin and the country this sexy Arabic dance has evolved different styles of costumes, dancing etc. and is spread globally. Some contemporary forms of the dance have been performed.
• Raqs sharqi is performed in restaurants or other places around the world and mainly performed by female dancers and sometimes men also perform these Arabe dance. These dances are although solo dances but students perform these in a group.
• Raqs baladi is the folk style of dancing and mainly are performed in festive occasions such as wedding etc.
This Sexy arabian dancing come from various styles of dancing arose from various dancing styles which were performed in north African regions. “Sexy arab dance” is originated from the ancient Arab tribal religions and some beliefs that Islamic Arab women were the first one to perform these arab dance for the moon god.
There are lots of myths about these dances but its always being so much entertaining to watch. The movements of the dancing girls are depicted in the paintings in Pharaonic times so its really difficult to mention the exact origin of these dances.
It became popular in 18th and 19th centuries in the west and dancers from Middle Eastern countries began to perform in many World fairs. Several dancers come into origin while this period of time. It is the period when Egyptian forms of belly dance and Egyptian music developed.
Many people were influenced by this. There are different factors which have contributed to develop this hot arab dance.
These dances have diverse history of origin and are developing each day. There are the similarities that can be seen for Arab dances in Egypt, India, Turkey, Greece, and North African and Spanish traditional dance forms.
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